1. Rehabilitation and Healing: The Role of Social Workers in the Reparations Movement – Webinar. Jun 11, 2024, 10:00 AM Pacific. To delineate the history and role of social work in today’s Reparations Movement, a multigenerational veteran panel from the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) will share their perspectives. For more information and to Register
  2. Japanese Support for Black Reparations – Webinar. Don Tamaki, member of the CA Reparations Task Force. June 11 at 5:00 pm Pacific. Practical ways to identify the 5 most common arguments against reparations and respond with reasonable counter-argument rejoinders for each. Register at bit.ly/JA4Rep.

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Legislative Update 5/23/24


  • Send letters of support via the portal (see resources below) this week in anticipation of SB 1403 (CA Freedman Affairs Agency), SB 1331 (Reparations and Reparative Justice Fund), and SB 1050 (Restitution for Racially Motivated Eminent Domain) being referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee soon. 

  • If your organization hasn’t already done so, endorse the CA Reparations Task Force Report here 

  • Register here for an upcoming Reparation Generation virtual house meeting on June 18, July 30 or Aug 22 to learn about our reparations in action approach and ways you can get involved. And sign up for the RepGen newsletter there too!


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From Reparation Generation:
Greetings California Reparations Partners – 

Some great news!  May 16th –
SB 1403SB 1331, and SB 1050 moved forward to the Senate floor!  The vote will likely be on Wed May 22nd probably late in the day. I hope to see this important and historic moment in person and hope you’ll join me. Senator Bradford’s staff report that he and other elected officials have noted all the letters, calls and visits in support of the reparations bills.

May 24th – is the last day for each house to hear and vote on these bills on the floor.

I’m passing along this related timely call to action from California Organizations for Reparations (COR) which is coordinated by CJEC and BARHII. You can receive such updates directly via text if you sign up here.  

Two other bills SB 1013 and SB 1007 did not make it out of committee (because they required allocation of funds), so they’re technically dead for the rest of the year. 

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