Free Self-Paced Online Courses

We believe it is important to continue to deepen our understanding of ourselves as we strive to work to a more inclusive world.  To that end, we make these online course materials freely available under a Creative Commons license for you to educate yourself or others.  You can self-enroll in both courses by using the links below.

Reflections on Whiteness focuses on learning about our history, privilege, fragility, and White identity development to better understand how the way we have been socialized contributes to who we are today. Making Implicit Bias and Microaggressions Visible provides strategies to recognize those attitudes and intervene before they result in behaviors that harm others.

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Reflections on Whiteness

Racism and the ideology of systemic White dominance were created by and are perpetuated by White people. It is, therefore, our responsibility, as White people to dismantle both. In this course, we will focus on learning about our racialized history, privilege, fragility, and White identity development. When we become aware of these aspects of ourselves, we are more likely to interrupt them before they cause harm to People of Color. We are all on a lifelong journey to do better.
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Making Implicit Bias & Microaggressions Visible

Uncovering unconscious racial bias is challenging for many people. Unconscious biases often translate into microaggressions that harm People of Color. In this course, participants will identify their biases by taking the Harvard Implicit Association Test, learn how bias works in your brain, understand the pain this unintended behavior causes BIPOC, and learn strategies to interrupt racial biases before they become microaggressions.
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