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USC Race & Equity Center

Cue Tools Website – The Center for Urban Education (CUE), founded by USC Professor Estela Mara Bensimon, merged with the USC Race and Equity Center in July 2020. Over CUE’s 20-year lifespan, Dr. Bensimon and other center experts produced numerous high-quality tools and resources that thousands of higher education leaders and faculty members continually use to advance racial equity on campuses and in state postsecondary systems. These evidence-based tools include syllabus review rubrics, workbooks, digital shorts and other videos, and policy review protocols. Many of these resources, along with CUE’s research publications, are available on this open-access website.

USC Race & Equity Modules – The USC Race and Equity Center offers a range of professional learning experiences for leaders, faculty members on college or university campuses, and small executive teams. These high-quality virtual learning experiences provide effective strategies to improve and advance equity, diversity, and inclusion on campuses or in workplace settings. Each session offers tools and resources to help participants dismantle practices that perpetuate racial inequality in their work.

California Community Colleges Racial Equity Reports Released quarterly, research in translation reports focuses on a major racial equity topic written with an emphasis on practice in the California Community Colleges. Although rigorous research will back them, reports will be highly engaging and designed to help practitioners and faculty transform their practice.  

California Virtual Campus and Online Network of Educators for a professional development series that will prepare you to design and teach more equitable online classes.