MLK Presentation at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula

When: January 15, 2023
Where: 490 Aquajito Road, Carmel, CA 93923
What Time:

For Martin Luther King Day, Lynn Burnett will offer a sermon that lifts up key lessons from the history of White antiracist spirituality, from figures who were an important part of King’s life. This sermon will be a meditation for all people – and especially White people – who are seeking to strengthen the bonds between their spiritual lives, and their social justice commitments.

Lynn’s Bio:

Lynn runs a racial justice history website called, as well as a project that uses White antiracist history to mobilize White people for racial justice today.

For additional information read some of Lynn’s writings linked below that focus on King’s legacy:

*When Martin Luther King’s Mentors Met with Gandhi.
*An Incomparable Loss: The Mourning of Martin Luther King’s Friends and Family.
*The 1968 Memphis Strike, Part One: The Garbage Workers.
*The Montgomery Bus Boycott: The Full Story.