Preparing White Folks to become Allies and Leaders for Racial Equity


At each of the WRE working meetings in January, February, March, and April, members of the Steering Committee will facilitate portions of this Workshop.  We will use this maiden voyage as a means of piloting and evaluating the Workshop.  Through an evaluation process, we will gather your feedback to improve future offerings.  It is our hope that others will want to take part in facilitating this workshop for WRE and other organizations.

Each Module includes an article or two, a video, an activity to increase awareness of the session topics, and an activity that encourages a commitment to action based on what you learned in the session.

The materials are posted on our website.  We encourage you to read the article(s) and watch the videos prior to the session, but realize not everyone may have time to do so.  At the Workshop, we will summarize the articles, provide a mini-presentation, watch the video and then facilitate the awareness activity and commitment to action.  There will be small and large group activities.

If you are so inclined to read more broadly about the topics for each session, we have included the resources from which the session content was derived.

We look forward to launching this learning adventure.  Please try to make a commitment to attending all sessions.  While there is no substitute for attending the live sessions, we realize you all have busy lives.  For those who miss a session, we encourage you to read the materials from the previous session (s) which will enable you to come to the subsequent session(s) with some familiarity of previously covered topics.


Content Description

This four part workshop contains the following topics:

I. Overview and Definitions

II. Benefits of White Privilege

III. Costs of White Privilege

IV. Developing a Positive White Identity

Most materials are taken directly and with permission from Racial Equity Tools, Whiteness and White Privilege section 


Navigating Workshop Materials

There are several ways to navigate to the materials for this Workshop.

  1. From this “Index” page, you can select each of the links in the Content Description and you will be taken to a landing page for that Module.  Each module has an Introduction, Readings and Resources, Awareness Activity, and Commitment to Action.
  2. At the top of each page on the WRE website, you will see a link to “Preparing White Folks to Become Allies and Leaders for Racial Equity .”
    1. When you click on the link, you will be taken to the page you are currently viewing, the Workshop Index page.
    2. When you hover over the link, you see a drop down menu that lists all four modules.  Clicking on the Module, takes you to the index page for that module.  Hovering over the Module, reveals the four sections of each Module.  Selecting one of those links will take you directly to that section of the Module.


Many materials for this Workshop were adapted from The Racial Equity Tools section on Whiteness and White Privilege

Members of Whites for Racial Equity have been collected resources for over two years.  Those resources can be found by going to 

Selecting the links to each category will produce a long list of web-based articles.  Of particular relevance to this workshop are the articles in these categories


Anti-Racism Activities White Allies White Fragility White Nationalists
White Privilege White Resentment White Supremacy Whiteness