Racism in Monterey County

 Whites for Racial Equity, NCBI Monterey County, & NAACP
(as part of the Recommitting to End Racism series)
invite you to
 Racism in Monterey County: A panel presentation
Oldemeyer Center, Seaside
Thursday, August 18, 2016
Doors open: 6:45 pm Program: 7-9 pm
No Charge; Donations are accepted

Whites for Racial Equity has organized this event as part of our efforts to increase white peoples’ awareness of the various ways that racism manifests in our community. We believe that hearing real stories of the impact of racism from folks in our community will strengthen white people’s commitment to taking action to dismantle racism. The presentation will provide an excellent opportunity for white people to listen.

This is generally what to expect from the evening:

1.  We will start with a 4-member panel of African American and Mexican American adults sharing personal experiences and their family’s experiences with institutional and unaware racism.

2.  We will have time for the audience to process the impact of what they have heard in small groups with members of their racial identity group.

3. The panel will share additional ideas related to ways of increasing awareness and suggestions for taking action to dismantle racism and promote racial equity in our community.

4. We will close by giving audience members an opportunity to share the specific gifts they have received from our panel.

Note: We recognize this event is giving a big and important topic a short amount of time. If there is a significantly positive response, it is likely that Whites for Racial Equity will sponsor others. You may make suggestions at our website: whitesforracialequity.org.