Sample Podcasts (not all episodes are exclusively about racism &/or white privilege; some may include strong language)
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Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of all Time Period
Kamau Right Now
Code Switch
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Seeing White: A 14-part documentary series exploring whiteness in America – where it came from, what it means, and how it works

Speak Out with Tim Wise focuses on the ongoing fight for racial and economic justice
in the age of Trump, and strategies for building the movement for real and lasting change.
The show features dialogue with some of the nation’s leading scholars, artists and activists.
Three episodes are already available:

Episode 1: Filmmaker Qasim Basir
Tim speaks with writer/director Qasim Basir about his award-winning films Mooz-lum and
Destined and what it means to be both Black and Muslim in  post 9-11 America.

Episode 2: Former Skinhead Christian Picciolini
Tim talks to Christian Picciolina about his years as a Nazi skinhead and white supremacist
and how he now works to help racists leave the hate behind.

Episode 3: Activist/Educator Tia Oso  
Tim and Tia Oso, formerly of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, discuss movement
building strategies and the centrality of Black folks to progressive politics.


Available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Podomatic, Patreon, and SpeakOutNow.org


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