About Us

Whites for Racial Equity is a group of white people who are committed to dismantling racism.  We are taking responsibility for learning about systemic racism, our own internalized racism, white privilege, and ways to challenge it. We believe that our humanity depends upon it.

In order to end racism and the idea of white supremacy, white people need to cultivate racial competency and discover the ways we enact, consciously or unconsciously, our own white privilege.

This can be difficult and uncomfortable work. Our meetings and events provide a safe place for us to examine white privilege more critically.  We can begin to build a new culture of white anti-racismlearn the skills needed to transform the larger community and support one another in the process.

This group is not a replacement for multi-racial activism — far from it.  But, we need to do our work. White supremacy is our problem as white people. We created it and we benefit from it and so we must work to dismantle it.

Whites for Racial Equity meet the second Saturday of each month from 2-5 pm.  We also co-sponsor monthly movie and book discussions where we welcome all members of the community to join us.

We are a SURJ affiliate.