4. Introduction

Introduction and Overview of Session/Module 4

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this session, you will:

  • Understand your role as a white person who is committed to ending racism.
  • Make commitments to use your privilege and power as a white person to take action that results in dismantling racism.

“People of color will continue to demand their rights, opportunities and full personhood.  But racism in North America won’t end because people of color demand it.  Racism will only end when a significant number of white people of conscience, the people who can wield systemic privilege and power with integrity, find the will and take the action to dismantle it. That won’t happen until white people find racism in our daily consciousness as often as people of color do.  For now we have to drag racism into our consciousness intentionally, for unlike our sisters and brothers of color, the most present daily manifestation of our white privilege is the possibility of forgetting about racism.  We cannot.  Racism continues in the name of all white people.  While there is nothing about racism to celebrate, there is much to celebrate in a life lived in the pursuit of justice.” From Detour Spotting


  • Readings

Definition of Allyship, Allies, Ongoing Practices of Allyship & Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression: The Role of Allies as Agents of Change Allyship

Developing a Positive White Identity

Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice: Moving from Actor to Ally to Accomplice

  • Video

Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy – A Trip to the Grocery Store

  • Activity


  • Commitment to Action

Supplemental Readings

Working Assumptions for White Activists on Eliminating Racism: Guidelines for Recruiting Other Whites as Allies

Talking to Our People (SURJ guide for talking to white people in the moment of Trump

Decentering Whiteness

Cycle of Liberation 

Emptying the White Knapsack

Reaching Out, Building Community, Coalescing, Creating Change, Maintaining

Introduction | Readings | Activity | Committment