3. Commitment to Action

Costs of Being White

  • What are some costs you have experienced from being white?
  • What are ways that you can act to address these costs?
  • Think about a specific experience you had of (individual, cultural or institutional) preferential treatment, or white privilege. What did you do? Do you wish you acted differently?
  • In the past month what are some ways you challenged, pushed or supported other whites in dealing with racism? White privilege? What could you have done? How have you supported other whites who are working to address white privilege? How can you work collectively with other whites?

Additional reflection questions will be provided based on which stories are presented.

Commitment to action – what will you do as a result of what you learned in this workshop before we next meet two months from now?

Action Plan

*Please complete the Module 3 Evaluation whether you attended the session, just read the materials, or both.

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