Stop Racism

Who We Are and What We Believe

We are people who have been socialized to identify as “white.”  We realize that this identity is rooted in white supremacy and has served as a tool of oppression for hundreds of years in the U.S.  We recognize that while we have many social and economic “privileges,” we have paid a great cost by having the humanity we share with all people distorted by being indoctrinated into a system of white supremacy.  In order to dismantle white supremacy, and to work for racial equity, we know that we must educate one another, reflect upon and deepen our own awareness and actions, and be accountable to people of color.

Cultivating greater racial competency and examining the ways in which we consciously or unconsciously enact our own white privilege can be difficult and uncomfortable.  Our monthly meetings (2nd Saturday) are designed for white people to take risks, and to dig deep, as we examine white privilege more critically and personally.  These meetings are not designed for people of color, as it can be painful to listen to white people struggle and stumble. Also, there is often a tendency to put the burden of educating white people onto people of color in the room.

We believe it is crucial that we take on this burden ourselves, and do the hard work of educating ourselves and one another.  We hold other gatherings that are designed to be multiracial:  video discussions and a monthly book group, as well as occasional panels and trainings.  We share resources on our website and Facebook page, and collaborate with other local and national groups (SURJ, NCBI, NAACP, etc.).  We welcome everyone to join us for these activities.

This group is not a replacement for multi-racial activism — far from it.  But, we need to do our work. White supremacy is our problem as white people. We created it and we benefit from it and so we must work to dismantle it.  Whites for Racial Equity (whites working on awareness, reflection, and action).

Generally the three Monthly Activities are scheduled as follows, but look at boxes to the right for the for details about current events.

WRE Working Meeting (whites working on awareness, reflection, and action) –  Second Saturday
Anti-racist book club co-sponsored with Unitarian Universalist Church (7-9 PM) – bring friends – First Tuesday
Anti-racist video night & discussion – co-sponsored with Unitarian Universalist Church (7-9 PM) – bring friends – Third Thursday

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Featured Events and Resources

December Activities  The Village Project Gift Cards 


Black History Month
White People Recommitting to Action

Two Part Series at UUCMP 

Part 1 – WRE Bookclub

Feb 6 – Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice by Paul Kivel (7:00-9:00 PM) 

Part 2 Paul Kivel Workshop

Feb 11th – Author, Paul Kivel facilitates an interactive workshop to educate and mobilize white folks to be true allies (2:00-4:00PM)


Preparing White Folks to become Allies and Leaders for Racial Equity

Mark your calendars and join us for our first four 2018
working meetings for whites  1/27, 3/10, 5/12, 7/14

We are piloting a four part workshop called, “Preparing
White Folks to become Allies and Leaders for Racial Equity.”
Each session will include one article, one video, a very short
presentation, an awareness activity, and an opportunity for
you to take what you have learned and turn it into an action.
It is recommended that you attend all sessions, but not required.

Here are the topics.

I. Overview and Definitions
II. Benefits of White Privilege
III. Costs of White Privilege
IV. Developing a Positive White Identity

Recordings for course Black Minds Matter

The Art of Activism: Hard Conversations Book Club

Reads a book each month that will illuminate a path for accessing, reclaiming, and deepening our shared humanity. We will spend this year learning things we have not known, so we can respond to other human beings from a place of knowing, and not from a place of fear. We will meet online in a private Facebook Group, and on the third Sunday of each month we will have an interactive phone/web meeting to explore our responses to each book from 8-9pm Eastern. Those meetings will be recorded for those who cannot join us live.

Dreamers………….Monterey County and California Have Your Back!

Online Courses